Three ridiculously good 1960s albums some people just do not understand

There are some controversial views out there about three albums which are among the best ever albums of all time.
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Some albums are just absolute classics of their time. We had more than our fair share of such albums in the 1960s. We also had the public with open minds and ears, ready to listen as new styles of music evolved. 

We saw and heard artists experiment with their sounds. Musicians had the freedom then to put down their best work on record. They also pushed boundaries, tried new approaches, and in doing so wrote some amazing songs. It was quite a decade for seminal albums which helped shape future music significantly

And yet some people can't help being harsh critics. They have a negative view of some of those astounding classic albums. Surprisingly some albums seen by many as the best of that period are branded as overrated by others. Here are three of the very top albums of that decade which some people don't rate highly at all.

Beach Boys -  Pet Sounds

First up is the Beach Boys with Pet Sounds. Released in 1966 it had a slow start with critics but soon became a huge hit. There was a more ambitious style evident, that was led by Brian Wilson’s production work. With top hits and Beach Boys classic songs like “Sloop John B”, “Wouldn't It Be Nice” and “God Only Knows” on the album what's not to like?

Well if you look up “overrated albums” online this one gets lots of comments and votes. It’s a constant candidate out there. The main criticisms are that it’s shallow, they suggest there’s no depth of content beyond three or four decent songs. Other critics disliked the production from Wilson and didn't want so many close harmonies throughout a record. 

The simple answer there is don't play a Beach Boys album if you don't like their trademark sound. At best the critics are saying it's just not as good an album as it’s made out to be. Let's not forget it was great enough to help inspire The Beatles to record their Sgt Pepper classic.