Three ridiculously good 1960s albums some people just do not understand

There are some controversial views out there about three albums which are among the best ever albums of all time.
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Van Morrison -  Astral Weeks

This is often acclaimed as one of, if not the best Van Morrison album. It was just his second studio album and his first for Warner Bros. Records.  Yet amidst contract disputes, arguments with his old and new labels, disagreements over musical styles and musicians to record it, it's amazing to think how well it turned out despite all those distractions. 

The folk-rock-based songs have jazz tones from the musicians used. The dreamy poetic lyrics from Morrison float over and in amongst the music. There are also bluesy and classical elements in there too. Quite sophisticated work at such an early career recording stage. The album is positioned by many as very significant musically and regularly gets listed in top album rankings.

It does also feature in a lot of debates online in whether it deserves such a status, it’s often referred to as overrated. Those who suggest this usually refer to the songs on the record being boring after the first couple. Too much similarity across the tracks and styles used is also referenced. Others mention an awkwardness between Morrison's vocals and the instrumentation. Perhaps a key point is whether it has not held its place over time.

For me, Astral Weeks is still a great album. The arrangements work well and offer variety, they do give a nod to what's to come from Morrison over the years as he turns to many different styles of music in his future albums. The stream and flow of his lyrics work well and offer a different approach to his pop-based songs on his debut album, Blowin’ Your Mind!

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