Harry Styles' stalker jailed but sets a ridiculous mark

The stalker was jailed for only a short time.
Dave J Hogan/GettyImages

Here is a tip, kids. Don't stalk people. No, that is not an outlandish statement, but seemingly some people need to hear it. That includes one of Harry Styles' weird followers (I assume he has more than one) who was recently jailed for not keeping their distance. That person was Myra Carvalho of Brazil who while being far too attentive of Styles might have set some kind of record.

According to court records and the BBC (which might really be one and the same, let's be real), Carvalho sent Styles more than 8,000 cards and handwritten less in a month. How does one even have the time to do that? There must be sleep involved somewhere, right? Two of the letters - only two and surprisingly not more - were handwritten with the pop singer's home address. Of course, the way AI works now, anyone trying to keep their home address secret is likely an exercise in failure.

For all the work they went into buying postage and gathering together material to mail the letters, Carvalho was sentenced to only 14 weeks in imprisonment. She was also given a restraining order for 10 years from attending any Styles concert. Yeah, like that court order will work. Whatever.

Harry Styles marked safe from stalker and receiving so much mail

At least Carvalho made the financially smart move of moving to England and staying in a hostel in west London while she worked on her icky stalking of Styles. She had been in the UK since December. Her family in Brazil was seemingly not aware that she had left the country to move to the UK (and they were unlikely aware she was a Harry Styles fan).

Think about that for just a second. Should someone stalk someone else? Of course, not (that's ridiculous). That's dangerous and there is clearly some mental aspect to the need to want to keep reaching out to someone who doesn't want to interact with the stalker.

But maybe Carvalho's family bares some guilt as well. They did not seemingly care enough about her to even realize she had left the country. Ouch.

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