Taylor Swift appears to unleash full wrath of her power onto Kim Kardashian

Maybe Kardashian just got mixed up with the wrong people.
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Kim Kardashian is an interesting person simply from the fact that she seemingly lacks any originality. She is famous because of her family but she doesn't actually do anything to warrant her fame. She has also made some bad choices in her life, such as marrying Kayne West (who she later divorced), and then getting into a feud with Taylor Swift while Kardashian was still married to West.

West, who seemingly struggles with mental health issues - that is not a joke but simply a real observation, has a heightened view of himself. He claimed while he was married to Kardashian that he was the reason for Swift's popularity. This seems nonsensical, of course, because it is.

Kardashian got caught up in the mess because Swift claims Kardashian recorded a phone call between Swift and West illegally and then edited the conversation to make Swift appear to have agreed with West adding a lyric about the pop queen to one of his songs, "Famous." Kardashian then released the edited audio for the public to hear. Low people will do low-down things and Kardashian, at least during her time with West, was seemingly not a great person.

Taylor Swift smokes Kim Kardashian on "thanK you aIMee"

But Taylor Swift does not let go and she does not forget. Anything, it seems. On her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, Swift appears to have two tracks that are about Kardashian. One is called "thanK you aIMee". Take the capital letters only and you have "KIM," of course.

The song is about a school bully, but the references seem quite clear to be about Kardashian. In fact, that's what most Swifties will, and likely should, believe. Swift also says she has healed because of the relationship with the bully. There is a hint of forgiveness as well but definitely tinged with some lingering anger.

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During one bridge, Swift sings, "And maybe you've reframed it/And in your mind, you never beat my spirit black and blue/I don't think you've changed much/And so I changed your name, and any real defining clues/And one day, your kid comes home singin'/A song that only us two is gonna know is about you." Ouch, Kim. You might sting for a while from that burn.

The truth is that Taylor Swift has the ability to take a memory, even a painful one, and turn that into an introspective song for her which the masses also can find a way to identify personally with. That is the mark of a true artist. That is something Kim Kardashian will never be.

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