Have you heard the new release from Ringo Starr yet? 

Ringo Starr is hitting both the road and the airwaves. His new EP is out in October but you can listen to the title track now.
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Ringo may be 83 now but he's certainly putting plenty of energy into his music currently. The famous drummer from The Beatles is releasing new music soon. He’s also kicked off his fall tour in North America.

The new music release is a four track EP Rewind Forward which is can be pre-ordered now and is formally released on October 13, 2023. It will be available on all the usual formats. The EP will have four new songs on it.

  1. “Shadows On The Wall”
  2. “Feeling The Sunlight”
  3. “Rewind Forward”
  4. “Miss Jean”

There's some great collaborations on the EP. Most notably, Paul McCartney wrote the second track “Feeling The Sunlight”. It’s great to know that the last two remaining Beatles are still working together. The pair are also due to feature together on a track from Dolly Parton’s Rockstar album due out in November. 

Your chance to hear the new Ringo Starr release 

Other well known names involved with the EP include Joe Walsh of The Eagles and Ian Hunter from Mott The Hoople, both former members of Ringo’s All Starr Band.  Ringo has tried to explain the title of the new EP Rewind Forward as a bit of a nonsensical saying. 

"Rewind Forward was something I said out of the blue – it’s just one of those lines like a Hard Days Night. It just came to me. But it doesn’t really make sense. I was trying to explain it to myself and the best I can tell you about what it means is: sometimes when you want to go forward you have to go back first."

Ringo Starr

Have a listen now to the title track of the EP if you haven't already heard it. It's three and a half minutes of a typically bright Ringo song with his distinctive vocals throughout.  The video mixes between kaleidoscopic views, somewhat reminiscent of late 60s Beatles, and displaying the upbeat lyrics. They too are typically peace and love based in true Ringo style. 

The announcement of the upcoming EP describes it as his fourth such release. But the records show it is preceded by four other extended play releases. 4 Starr Collection (1995), Zoom In (2021), Change The World (2021) and EP3 (2022). There is a simple explanation for the discrepancy. 4-Starr Collection was a special promotional release on Ryko as a collaboration with Discover Credit Cards. 

Ringo hasn't exactly been resting up this year. His current fall tour with his All Starr Band started on September 15 and runs through to October 23. That follows a spring tour earlier this year.

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