Henry Cavill has a perfect one-word adjective to describe Taylor Swift

Cavill announced he is a Swiftie recently.
Ashok Kumar/TAS24/GettyImages

Henry Cavill has become something of an action hero, but even he can fall prey to the hysteria that is the Taylor Swift idiom. The issue for Cavill is that his new film, one with the overly mouthy title of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, is set to be released on April 19. That could be a problem because that is also when the new Swift album, The Tortured Poets Department, comes out.

There could simply be lots of people missing the opening day of Cavill's movie because they are home hitting repeat on the new Swift release. But Cavill has no huge issue with this as he is a self-proclaimed Swiftie himself. In fact, he recently told E! News that he has never "not been" a Swiftie.

But Cavill also used a singular word to describe the pop singer, "Magnificent." Plus, Cavill did not seem to have to think about how he thinks of Swift; the word came to him so naturally that clearly he does feel that way. In other words, we are not so different from Henry Cavill. At least, in a way.

Henry Cavill comes clean as a Taylor Swift fan

Another actor who is smitten with Taylor Swift, of which there are likely thousands, is Laura Dern. Unlike Cavill, though, Dern has actually worked with Swift. To be more precise, Dern has been directed by the singer. This was on the video for Swift's song, "Bejeweled." Would Dern allow herself to be directed by Swift again? Without a doubt, she said to Parade magazine.

Dern said, "I love her. She is a real deal - on top of everything else amazing that she does and is—a real deal filmmaker, which I got to experience firsthand. I’m excited to watch that part of her journey, wherever she continues to take it."

But Dern and Cavill are obviously not the only two people interested in where Swift's journey takes her. Millions of Swifties around the world are quite interested as well.

The next step in that journey is, of course, the new album that will come out in mid-April. The album has a tracklisting of 17 songs, though some versions might have more as Swift likes to release several different editions of her records. There has been no official announcement if the new album will have an iteration with Vault songs, however.

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