How has the new Peter Gabriel album 'i/o' been received?

After a long 21 year gap from his Up album, the new release from Peter Gabriel is now out in its entirety.
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The new work i/o from Peter Gabriel was officially released as a complete album on December 1. The majority of it has been available much longer though. Gabriel has been releasing a new track from the album at each new moon this year.

The first of those was “Panopticom” in January and the final of the 12 tracks on the album “Live and Let Live” was released on November 27. Keen fans will have been able to get a good chance to hear Gabriel’s new music throughout the year. Especially as he was adding new tracks to his recent i/o tour setlist when they were available.

The album release is still a notable event. Gabriel was also releasing the tracks with different mixes, a Bright Side and a Dark Side mix. That adds even more value to the experience of listening to the complete album as a body of work. With the choice of the complete mix version when doing so. 

As you listen it becomes evident that this has been seen as an entire album with a flow and connection between tracks. Quite distinctly so from just a collection of random songs. That’s also been a key point for some of the critical reviews for the album which are now coming forward.

Peter Gabriel album i/o keeps the critics happy has a great headline summary of those reviews and ratings online. Overall the jury is back in with almost unanimous views for the new album. Top marks from The Independent and The Telegraph and a good strong set of 4 stars or similar from a range of more music-based publications. LouderSound is among many others who rate it highly too.

"Gabriel's most consistent and cohesive post-80s record and the most philosophical of his life. "

Mark Beaumont - LouderSound
Peter Gabriel i:o
Peter Gabriel i:o. Credit: AudioPhix /

I’m certainly with the critics on their view. Gabriel fans won’t be disappointed. There’s a range of darker moments, upbeat pop, haunting lyrics, and electro sound all in there. On either mix, the options between Dark and Bright offer a variation without vastly changing the songs significantly. It’s more of a mood thing for you to choose from and set your tone. An album definitely worth listening to as a whole, in its different formats and whether or not you've already played the 12 tracks month by month. 

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