Jack White talks a bit of politics and Mark Hamill agrees

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Musicians have long spoken their minds about the events of the world. Jack White posted on Instagram on Monday about his feelings about a certain politician and didn't hold back. Neither did Mark Hamill.

Whether you agree with Jack White or you don't, at least he isn't some wallflower who only cares about overproducing music for mass consumption that truly has no long-term value. He has a platform and he's using it. If you have never heard a musical artist talk about politics - heck, right-wing Ted Nugent is famous for it - then you haven't been following music long.

But Jack White didn't just speak specifically about Donald Trump, White called out people in his view that are helping "normalize" Trump. This includes, according to White's Instagram post on which he let his view be known, Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, and Guy Fieri. White finished the post by saying that he was giving a "statement" and not trying to start a "debate." Line drawn, Mr. White.

Jack White spoke his thoughts, Mark Hamill agreed, and social media chaos ensued

One celebrity that tweeted his agreement with White is Mark Hamill. Hamill also hasn't been afraid to give his liberal-leaning views about things. And the reaction to Hamill is interesting.

A lot of the negative reaction comes from a point of view of what right Hamill has to have his view as he is an actor and not a politician. Well, here's the truth. Hamill has a right to speak his views because that's the entire point of social media.

Hamill likely doesn't respond to one of his critics by saying, "What gives you the right to disagree with me? You're only a plumber" or something. It's quite near-sighted to disagree with any celebrity's views simply by calling out that celebrity for what they do in their day job while the person doing the criticism also has a day job of their own yet feels free to speak their own mind on social media. What a world.

So feel free to disagree with Jack White and Mark Hamill, but acknowledge they, just as we all do, have a right to speak their minds. Except maybe Mel Gibson.

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