Kacey Musgraves drops a little something extra with her latest album release

The country-folk superstar will be everywhere in March.

Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

March will be the month of Kacey Musgraves, it seems. If you aren't a fan of her music, you might just need to lay low. She has a new album coming out on March 15, Deeper Well, and she kicked off March with an appearance on Saturday Night Live playing musical guest to host Sydney Sweeney. Musgraves was excellent as she did what she always does: She simply lets the music speak for itself.

Reviews for the new album have already started being published and most of what you would expect: The record is another solid effort from a talented musician who doesn't want to compete with Taylor Swift. Swift is in a different echelon that she strove to consume, while Musgraves seems satisfied with turning out the kind of music she enjoys and that her fans love.

Musgrave is not about trying to reinvent the wheel but simply using the spokes she has and turning her music to gold. She is good at it and she knows what makes her music good. Mostly, though, she comes across as an honest songwriter who writes about what she knows but without the bite that Swift can sometimes have.

March will be the month of Kacey Musgraves

Swift even stole a bit of Musgraves' surprise when during the Grammys Swift confirmed that Musgraves' new album would be released soon. Swifties everywhere celebrated later in the awards show when their hero announced her own new album, due out in April. But likely Musgraves did not care much about the noise because she was simply trying to live her best life.

The country-folk star also publicizes herself in different ways as well. Sure, she has a new album coming out, but as part of that Musgraves also created a mood board on Etsy where people can buy items created by Etsy users. This kind of thing fits perfectly with the feel of her music: She isn't above the people, but one of them.

What to expect from Deeper Well? A bunch of good songs that are difficult to dislike, most likely. In other words, much like Kacey Musgraves herself.

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