Music News: Michael Jackson and Beyoncé

  • Jackson has a biopic coming in 2025 but there might be a trial date before the release
  • Beyoncé's tune sounds like a children's show theme song?
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Accusations about abuse from Michael Jackson toward minors have been both discussed and legally investigated for decades. Whether Jackson did the alleged acts has not been proven in court. That does not mean he is innocent (or guilty), but his estate's legal issues are still not over.

There is a Michael Jackson biopic due in 2025. The film is expected to make Jackson look good as his estate is part of the production team for the film. Knowing that one would assume the estate would not pay for anything that would hurt their own bottom line. Should the film discuss Jackson's abuse allegations and make him appear guilty, the estate would probably not be involved.

This is important because two of Jackson's accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, have been granted the right to consolidate their cases against Jackson's estate recently. The accusers are hoping to have a trial speedy enough where the case begins (and potentially ends) before the film is released in April 2025. Otherwise, the accusers might face a biased jury after some members of the jury might have seen or known about the biopic, Michael.

Michael Jackson's accusers want trial before his biopic comes out in 2025

The film is being directed by Antoine Fuqua and Jaafar Jackson, son of Michael's brother, Jermaine, and therefore nephew to Michael, stars as Michael. While the film might be well-directed, the story is very likely to be biased even without any accusations against the King of Pop. Having the late singer's estate and family produce and act, respectively, in the film seems a bit much for the sake of objectivity.

Beyoncé and Franklin and the similar songs

Speaking of being objective, one may just have to do that with one of Beyoncé's two new country songs, "Texas Hold 'Em." Social media is a weird place anyway, but many TikTok users have been comparing Beyoncé's tune to that from a Canadian children's show called, Franklin. The theme show to the song is called "Hey, It’s Franklin," which was written by Bruce Cockburn.

You can be the judge by listening to both songs above. To me, while sonically they sound similar, it is also a stretch to think they sound so much alike. Or maybe Beyoncé just really loves Franklin.

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