Kendrick Lamar races to the lead in feud with Drake

The ten year feud that will never end.
Andrew Esiebo/GettyImages

The Kendrick Lamar versus Drake feud has been going on for a decade. We have not quite seen anything like the last few weeks in the spat, though, and music fans are the ones benefiting from the two hip-hop artists releasing diss tracks directed at one another. Some other musical artists have also been hit directly or indirectly by the flack as well.

For instance, Lamar's collaboration with pals (one can assume) Future and Metro Boomin, "Like That," was seemingly aimed at both Drake and J. Cole. That song spent three weeks atop the Billboard charts. But now Lamar has one-upped Drake once again and Drake and his minions cannot be happy.

Both Drake and Lamar had singles debut on the Billboard 100 this week. The chart adds data from streaming services, radio play, and sales data (both physical and digital) together and then ranks the tracks on, well...which has the combined most. Drake's latest, "Family Matters," charted at a strong No. 7, but Lamar was not going to be outdone.

Kendrick Lamar's diss tracks are outselling Drake's diss tracks

Lamar's most recent single, "Not Like Us," debuted at No. 1. In other words, he has released two recent diss tracks about Drake and both went to the top of the charts while Drake has moved some units but not dislodged Lamar. This has to make Lamar laugh, though both artists are not going to be hurting from the feud.

Since Lamar's disses are doing better than Drake's, one might also safely assume that Lamar is the bigger artist at this point. After all, musicians want to make money from their tracks and Lamar is making more money than Drake currently, it seems.

Lamar's "Euphoria" is also charting higher than Drake's new song. "Euphoria" is No. 3. Lamar's "Meet the Grahams," another Drake diss, debuted at No. 12.

What might be even more surprising is that the Kendrick Lamar and Drake feud has overtaken anything Taylor Swift has recently put out as far as a single. That is impressive. Now music fans might see how well Billie Eilish's new music, set to be released on Friday, holds up against Lamar and Drake.

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