Kid Rock must have said to Bud Light, 'I wish I knew how to quit you'

The divisive performer was recently spotted drinking a Bud Light after previously shooting some Bud Light cans.
Justin Sullivan/GettyImages

There are musical acts that have a strong sense of integrity that still seem to turn some people off simply because of their stances, even when they are for good. Take U2 singer Bono, for instance. He has helped raise funds to fight extreme poverty in Africa for decades and some people still find issues with him doing so somehow. Bono has integrity, but Kid Rock? Well, maybe not so much.

I sometimes wonder if Kid Rock is just having a goof with people. Possibly he's an extremely liberal in MAGA clothing who once he leaves a politically conservative event goes home, has a laugh, and opens a can of his favorite beer. Recently there has been some evidence that maybe Kid Rock's favorite beer is Bud Light.

You remember the whole Bud Light fiasco, right? The side of American politics that complains show much about "cancel culture" tried to cancel Bud Light after the beer aired a commercial with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. I mean, how dare Bud Light show anyone else in a commercial that isn't a white male American or a scantily clad female? Sadly, Bud Light has tried to distance themselves from the ad with Mulvaney.

Kid Rock shows his true self, has a Bud Light

Kid Rock - country singer, rapper, heartland rocker, or whatever else he needs to be so that he can sell a few records and merchandise and keep on the good side of most of his fans who are likely conservatives - was one of the loudest voices letting his disapproval of the Mulvaney/Bud Light ad be known.

Heck, Kid Rock (also known by his real name of Robert James Ritchie) even made a video of him "shooting" some cans of the beer. (The "shooting" is in quotes because it appears clear that much of the damage being down to the beers was coming from Kid Rock's right and not the performer actually shooting the cans."

Kid Light (erm, I mean Kid Rock) never stopped selling Bud Light at his bar in Nashville, however. I guess maybe he would have lost a few dollars had the beer not been served. With Kid Rock, money is the bottom line to everything, it would appear.

But the website TMZ recently caught Kid Rock even drinking Bud Light at a concert in Nashville. I guess when you say what you think your fans will want to hear, the morals kind of go by the wayside. Maybe Mr. Ritchie should change his stage name from Kid Rock to Kid Poser. That would seem more fitting.

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