Ranking the 20 best Lady Gaga songs ever

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Lady Gaga is a world-famous singer. She has six solo studio albums, two collaborative albums, and one soundtrack. Today I take a look at her best songs and rank them.

To make it more challenging (and fascinating at once), I chose two songs from each of the nine abovementioned albums. I will express my opinion of each rank, and also, there might be a short description of the meaning of the lyrics. After the song title, there will be an album title.

Lady Gaga is a versatile artist and these songs prove that. The only thing lacking here is the ability to see her live which is extraordinary. That said, here are her top 20 songs.

Ranking Lady Gag's best 20 songs

20. Plastic Doll (Chromatica)

It was hard to decide which two songs were the best since Chromatica is an excellent piece of art. I could not decide, and since I needed to fulfill the last spot, with the third best song on Chromatica. I would have it higher, but to be fair to my own (two songs per album) rule, "Plastic Doll" has to be seated in last place.

19. You're the Top (Love for Sale)

This may not be such a surprise to many Lady Gaga fans. With all respect to Tony Bennett, I am not a jazz music fan. The Chromatica was the most exciting, with six great songs for two (well, three) places. The Love for Sale was the opposite, and I had a big problem choosing two. The whole album is mostly in one rhythm, and to me, it sounds like one single with different lyrics.

18. Night and Day (Love for Sale)

"Night and Day" was the only song from Love for Sale I could stand, and I liked it quite a bit. I love the faster into, and when Tony sings: ”Like the drip, drip, drip,” I thought: Oh yes, Tony's got a drip.

17. They All Laughed (Cheek to Cheek)

We are (unsurprisingly) going to another collaborative album with Tony Bennett. This album is much better than Love for Sale, even with the terrible album cover, where both look like mannequins. "They All Laughed" is a nice little retrospective of history so that a younger audience can learn something new.

16. Goody Goody (Cheek to Cheek)

"Goody Goody" reminded me of the rap song Gucci Gucci by Lil Durk on the first listen. That may be why I consider it the best music on these two collab albums. Gaga's talking between Tony's signing was also excellent.