Music news: The Weeknd sheds name and Miley doesn't want to tour

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The great thing about music, as opposed to seasonal sports or politics, is that there is always something going on. New music, new tours, and anything else you can think of. While not all of the news, like the recent passing of Andy Rourke, is happy, even when someone passes it allows us to reflect on the gifts they gave us.

We have two tidbits of noteworthy things today. One might be tinged with a bit of sadness if you are a fan of the artist. The other might make you more proud to be a fan.

Also, as an aside, it appears Bo Burnham and Phoebe Bridgers are dating. Keith Urban appears to have accidentally released this info on the world at a recent Taylor Swift concert. What people do is their own business, of course, but Burnham and Bridgers seem like a pretty cool pair. Now, on to other news.

Miley Cyrus says she doesn't want to tour

The last time Cyrus did a full-on tour was in 2014. Since then, she has only done extremely short tours, if you can call them that. In 2015, she played eight shows across North America. In 2022, she played five festivals total in the United State and South America.

But as of right now, don't expect to see Cyrus anywhere near you, unless you happen to be a good friend of hers. As Cyrus told the British Vogue, "Like singing for hundreds of thousands of people isn't really the thing that I love. There's no connection. There's no safety." And to be fair, in today's world she is correct.

The Weeknd "sheds" stage name and is "reborn" Abel Tesfaye

Abel Tesfaye is The Weeknd's birth name. According to an interview he did with W Magazine, The Weeknd, or Tesfaye, thinks his stage name has done all it can. This doesn't mean Tesfaye won't make music anymore, but his next album might be his last as The Weeknd.

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It is also important to note that Tesfaye is doing more acting and TV production lately. He has a show called "The Idol" which comes out on June 4th on HBO, for instance. It simply make more sense to use Tesfaye for both TV and music so there is no confusion.