Lady Gaga drops some tasty knowledge on fans of Fortnite

A major announcement is coming on February 22.

David Livingston/GettyImages

Four years ago, Lady Gaga did not seemingly know how to spell the name of the game Fortnite. In a notorious tweet from 2019, Gaga posted simply, "What's fortnight". We can forget all that now because, on Tuesday, the pop icon corrected herself on the spelling with a tweet that said, "*fortnite" with a photo of her character from the game.

Most importantly, the social media post on the bottom right had "Fortnite Festival 2/22/24." This appears to be Gaga saying she is collaborating with Epic Games and the Fortnite property, but to what extent we cannot be sure yet. At the end of 2023, The Weeknd debuted a music video for his song, "Popular," at the Fortnite Festival.

Other musical artists have also been involved with the game. Travis Scott, for example, performed a live concert inside the game's battle royale close to the same time Lady Gaga was tweeting her original comment asking what "fortnight" was. Clearly, Epic Games is attempting to enhance the amount of purchases for a game that was received with mixed reviews by adding some musical talent.

Lady Gaga and Fortnite appear to be collaborating

The collaboration by Gaga also says quite a bit about the pop singer. She could have eschewed anything having to do with the game since she received so much criticism for her original tweet. She did not need that much hate in her life. She was famous and rightfully popular. What was the Fortnite Festival to her?

My guess is a lot of money. Epic Games probably needs her more than she does them. But the more exciting part is yet to come. The major announcement being made on February 22 could be anything. Maybe Lady Gaga will perform her own concert. Or perhaps her character will do something unexpected. That would not be surprising coming from Gaga.

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