Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande offer perfection on 'Yes, And?' remix

Pop diva plus pop diva equals delicious pop.
Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

One turn deserves another, right? Ariana Grande, pop diva divine, joined Mariah Carey, of the same nom de guerre, on Carey's Apple TV+ Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special in 2020. Now Carey has returned the favor by joining Grande on a remix of "Yes, And?" The original single is the lead on Grande's forthcoming album Eternal Sunshine.

That album is due out March 8 so there is not much time to binge on the "Yes, And?" remix. But is the collaboration of Carey and Grande worth it? You can be the judge below (but here is a hint: Yes!).

I mean, you do not have to love the remix. The track only features two of the more unique voices in pop and they have forged their path to what they want to accomplish. Maybe don't like the song, but do not hate the artists. They have worked for what they have gotten, right?

Mariah Carey brings brilliance to Ariana Grande's remixed "Yes, And?"

On the remix, Carey makes an immediate presence. Her ridiculous (and famous) high notes are there from the beginning. She also gets a chance to go solo on the track in the second verse. Somehow, however, her ethereal voice forces its way through the intro house beat and becomes the single most important instrument in the first 31 seconds.

All is right in the world at that moment. That is a good thing. Carey plus Grande to perfection.

Is the remix better than the original? Normally I would say no, but adding Carey adds an element of harmony and character that the original does not have quite enough of. Don't get me wrong. The original is good, but Carey's presence takes a good track and makes it great.

Heck, there is even a feeling that the remix could have been an Erasure tune meant for female voices. In other words, there is brilliance embedded. Hopefully, Arian Grande's new record is as good as the remix to "Yes, And?"

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