Liam Gallagher brings news: He will play Oasis' Definitely Maybe at Reading and Leeds

You might have wanted Oasis in full, but this is the closest you will get.
Medios y Media/GettyImages

Who knows if we will ever see Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher make music as Oasis ever again, but we can hope. Oasis was a magical band from a land a long, long time ago. The songs were Beatle-esque but still uniquely Oasis. We all wish we could get that again.

Well, somewhat good news was given to us this past week when Liam Gallagher said he will be performing the spectacular debut album of Oasis, Definitely Maybe, in full at the Reading and Leeds festival in 2024. The festival will take place from August 21 through 25. Gallagher is one of the headliners, even though he hasn't really accomplished anything without his brother.

The other headliners include Lana Del Rey, Blink-182, Fred Again, Gerry Cinnamon, and Catfish and the Bottlemen. That is an interesting group for sure. It also makes sense for Liam Gallagher to perform Definitely Maybe because what solo work has he done that will make people show up and be interested?

Liam Gallagher to perform Definitely Maybe at Reading and Leeds

There is a chance that Liam Gallagher could release an album with the Stone Roses' John Squire that has been rumored to be coming out since the earth was still forming. There is no name for the record, but Gallagher has said the album is the "best record since (the Beatles') Revolver." If that isn't classic Gallagher hyperbole, I do not know what is.

At least we know that Gallagher can sing the songs on Definitely Maybe. The guitarist won't be as interesting as Noel Gallagher, though. Plus, the chances of an argument breaking out on stage between the singer and band seem sadly unlikely.

Still, if you are going to get tickets to Reading and Leeds, you should be entertained, I would assume. Plus, the crowd will likely sing along with Liam. So if you aren't a fan of his voice, just listen to the person standing next to you.

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