Liam Gallagher's son's band might have come up with the worst song title ever

Automotion's latest single has a strange name.
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Let's assume you have actively listened to Oasis and you either love or hate them. For some reason, there seems to be no middle ground with how one feels about the English band. That should be how most bands want it, to be fair. That means their name alone will conjure some kind of emotion that keeps them relevant. But having such an iconic sound might mean that any offspring the band might produce would form a band of their own and intentionally sound nothing like their parents.

This is where Liam Gallagher's son, Lennon, comes in. Lennon and his bandmates from Automotion have been producing music for several years now, but Lennon does not sound like dad. Automotion seemingly does not care about making three-or-four-minute songs driven by a strong melody and jangly guitars. With Automotion, there is hardly a cohesive melody at all.

And one can forget about Lennon (or anyone else in the band) trying to sing like Liam. There is hardly any singing at all and many times the vocals sound like a drunk Jim Morrison attempting to recite poetry. But the point is not about the words or the melody, but the sound with Automotion.

Liam Gallagher's son's band, Automotion, is pretty good except for their song titles

Plus, to be fair, just because the band seems more experimental at times, that does not stop them from being good. Their concepts, while rarely linear from the beginning to the end of a track, are well-produced and the heaviness hits the mark many times. The group does not create music in which to drive cross country, but instead to sit with headphones firmly on in a dimly lit room in your house.

Possibly the band does not care about being overly popular, either. Lennon likely has the freedom to do whatever he pleases and he will have a place in the music industry for as long as he wants. Automotion even appears to be an attempt to get Lennon as far away from people - idiots like myself - trying to connect what Lennon's band does in relation to Oasis. If Lennon Gallagher's name was Jack Smith then people would not discuss the similarities between Automotion and Oasis.

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One thing that Automotion needs to work on (though they likely do not care to) is their song titles. The worst of them is their latest single which is called "Lost In The Spinal Labyrinth." Take away the spinal part and the title is decent, though not great. Otherwise, the title of the track sounds like a small volume written by a medical student who is one day going to be a spinal surgeon.

The song is solid, however. Think Audioslave without Chris Cornell on vocals. Spacey with enough room for interruption.

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