Lizzo fights back about her weight as she should: Beauty is beauty

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Lizzo has threatened to quit music over the seemingly constant backlash she has gotten about her weight. But people are clearly missing the bigger point. That would be that a great artist who isn't afraid to be themselves shouldn't be shamed but respected and admired.

I say that first paragraph even though I am not an active listening of Lizzo's music. I don't own anything she's done on vinyl and she isn't on high rotation on my music list. That's just my personal choice, but it is also my personal choice to appreciate who Lizzo is as an artist and person as well.

Lizzo isn't afraid to be who she is and that is refreshing. So many times we have musicians who put out the music they are told to put out or who work social media in a way to simply get views. Instead of a "me me me" world in music, maybe we should have more Lizzos who say, "I want you to listen to me, but I also want you to appreciate these other performers as well."

Lizzo claps back at the haters

The sad part is many people don't listen but simply view. We judge people far too much on how they look and less so on who that person is. How many among us look more like Margot Robbie than Kevin James naturally? Few. And the thing is that there is nothing wrong with James or Robbie. Judging how one looks is really showing a mirror at the person doing the judging, and why do so many want to spend their free time judging instead of working on themselves?

Lizzo wants there to be more body positivity and less focus on how much a person weighs. There is a difference between being unhealthy and simply being overweight (or too thin, for that matter). Has Lizzo dieted at times? Of course, and she has said as much. Does that mean if she can't get what people view as "thin" she will be unhappy? No.

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As Lizzo herself tweeted (a Twitter account she has since locked, sadly), "Y’all don’t know how close I be to giving up on everyone and quitting and enjoying my money and my man on a F— FARM." So let me ask you this, would you rather not have Lizzo making music and making people happy or would you rather not have her making music or on social media at all because you think she is overweight? If your answer is the latter, then maybe you just need to work on yourself a bit.