Machine Gun Kelly may have just created the most boring name-change in history

The rapper-turned-pop-punk performer remakes himself somewhat.
Ethan Miller/GettyImages

One has to hand it to Machine Gun Kelly or his public relations team or both. A relatively talentless "musician," Kelly has seemingly stayed in the public eye for a decade. This has not mostly been done with consistently great songs, but weird situations. Remember, for instance, when Kelly tried to create some kind of feud with Eminem (and Eminem basically swept Machine Gun Kelly away)?

Kelly also seems to think it is cool to be interviewed and come off looking like someone who thinks he is Sid Vicious but is more Pee-wee Herman. Willie Geist once asked him on NBC's Sunday Today program about playing punk music and Kelly responded with, "I don't play punk; I am punk." Whatever that means.

During a recent interview with Martin Brundle at an F1 Grand Prix in Brazil, Kelly seemed unable to think on his feet and then asked Brundle to play his "best air guitar" before Kelly eventually walked off in frustration. Classic Kelly as he appeared unable to make a human connection other than what was pre-sold to the public. He also appeared to be not very nice.

Machine Gun Kelly changes his name on music platforms and social media

Yet, Kelly does not seem to care much about what others may think of him. That is a good thing because many might not think that much. But while his musical career might be built on anything other than music, one might question his latest move as lacking any kind of the imagination Kelly likes to pretend he has.

Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, has changed his name on X (formerly known as Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and YouTube from Machine Gun Kelly to, wait for it..."mgk." Lower-case at that as if Kelly (or Baker) was so quick to change his nom de plume that he forgot "MGK" might look better. "mgk" simply looks like someone was trying to spell something, forgot what they were trying to spell, and then just left the letters as they were.

But what else would we expect from Mr. Baker? He has gone from creating bad rap to poor pop-punk. His next move might be country music, who knows?

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