Ten incredibly disappointing albums from the 1990s

Ever listened to an album and wished it hadn't been released?

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Everyone likes the anticipation of waiting for a new album by one of their favourite artists. Would it be as good as their previous albums? Would there be a tour to promote it? 

But sometimes, especially after a long wait for an album to come out, the whole event turns into a huge disappointment. For various reasons, the album just didn't hit the mark. It might be from a huge artist with plenty of success behind them, but it just didn't work this time around. 

Looking back retrospectively and seeing the background of the albums, there are often warning signs that all would not turn out well. At times you wonder why the album got so far and whether someone should have called a halt before it was too late. For some, the artists themselves probably wish they'd been able to. Here are ten albums from the 1990s that someone should have called a halt to before they were released. 

Ten extremely disappointing albums from the 1990s

Duran Duran - Thank You

Duran Duran had several hit singles and albums under their belts by the time Thank You came out in March 1995. The band members had written many of their biggest hits previously.  but yet someone decided a covers album would be a great idea. 

I always reckon it’s hard to find a cover that beats the original. That creates a huge problem for an album as even if you do get it right on one or two tracks, it's very hard to avoid the whole thing being a miss. Thank You may have sold modestly and made the charts, but it’s widely quoted as a poor album and one of the worst cover albums. A poor move and decision by the band to release this one.