Machine Gun Kelly proves to be no fool when asked to insult Taylor Swift

MGK did not take the bait.
Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Machine Gun Kelly has a bit of arrogance, but what person who sells millions of records doesn't? That kind of comes with the gig because a performer has to believe in themselves to some degree, otherwise no one else will believe in them. MGK also knows there is a limit to his boundaries. For instance, he knows he is no Taylor Swift.

MGK is also not completely clueless. He appeared on Swift's boyfriend's podcast, New Heights, and Machine Gun Kelly made a ridiculously low offer for Travis Kelce to switch teams and become a part of the Cleveland Browns. MGK said he pay Kelce $1 million to become a Brown. Very likely, MGK knew the offer was silly and illogical but it was good fun anyway.

It likely also says a lot about who Machine Gun Kelly might truly be that he called Travis Kelce's personal cell phone. If MGK was really a jerk, maybe Kelce does give out his number, and speak in a very familiar fashion, with the rapper-turned-pop-punk star. Or if Taylor Swift did not like MGK, Kelce probably wouldn't pick up the phone with MGK calls.

Taylor Swift marked safe from Machine Gun Kelly's potential barbs

On a recent episode Hot Ones Versus, rapper Trippie Redd, attempting to set MGK up for a precipitous fall in popularity, tried to talk MGK into saying three negative comments about Swift. MGK outright refused and said he did not want to face the wrath of Swifites everywhere. Heck, Machine Gun Kelly himself might even be a Swiftie and that would be OK.

MGK's response was succinct and honest when he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, you have got to be out of your (expletive) mind if you think I want any smoke with that fanbase. Also, Taylor is a saint and very nice to me and Travis is my bro."

One might infer that MGK was being sarcastic about the "saint" part but he also very likely may not have been. Swift probably is nice to him and he obviously knows Kelce or he would not have called into Kelce's podcast. Most importantly, MGK knows not to ruffle the feathers of Switties so that everyone remains safe.

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