Taylor Swift has one big problem according to Heart's Nancy Wilson

Wilson is a fan of Swift's too.
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Taylor Swift will eventually reach critical mass - not the performer but her popularity - and she will wane somewhat. She might still be the most popular person on the face of the earth but will she stay as popular? Surely, not. No one has ever been able to sustain her level of success. Still, Swift has smashed plenty of glass ceilings before so why not another one?

According to Heart's Nancy Wilson, though, Swift has one major issue, though, and there is nothing she can do about it. Swift has a great singing voice, is a fantastic songwriter, and can play her instruments well enough, but all of that is a learned talent with some genetic gifts. Wilson sees Swift's real problem as something completely genetic: Taylor Swift is simply too pretty.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Wilson was referring to the issues that Courtney Love seemingly has with Swift. Love has called Swift "not important" which, of course, is ridiculous. Love's personal feelings about Swift aside, any objective observer can see that Swift is more important than Love could ever be. For instance, there is unlikely to ever be a rumor that Swift's best songs were written by her boyfriend/husband.

Nancy Wilson disagrees with Courtney Love about Taylor Swift

This is why Wilson said what she did. Wilson is from Seattle (at least since she was six years old) and Love was married to Seattle-area musician Kurt Cobain. Wilson knows Love because of Cobain, but Wilson clearly disagrees with Love on some subjects such as Swift and Wilson likely sees Love as being jealous of Swift in many ways, including Swift's prettiness.

Said Wilson, Swift is "so extremely good looking. People have jealous reactions to stuff like that...I know Courtney Love is not a fan. I've been a friend of Courtney Love, but I disagree with her opinion about (Swift)."

Of note there is the wording Wilson used. She's "been" a friend of Love, but no more possibly? Did Taylor Swift break up their friendship? Or did Wilson just see Love's petty comments and think Love wasn't worth being friends with anymore?

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