How Matt Healy apparently really feels about the new Taylor Swift album

An insider described what Healy truly thinks about 'The Tortured Poets Department.'
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Taylor Swift can be lots of things to different people and that includes a biting wit. This is especially true if you have happened to have disrespected her in the past and she felt an emotional connection to you. Love Swift, fine, but do not hurt the pop queen.

While many Swifties might have assumed that Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department, would be a bunch of songs attacking 1975's frontman Matt Healy, the fact that maybe only three tracks seem to relate to Healy speaks volumes. Possibly, Healy was not all that important to Swift after all.

In fact, one could argue that Joe Alwyn and Kim Kardashian were just as important as the short-lived romance with Healy. Or maybe people only talk about Healy more because of the two people mentioned previously, only he and Alwyn were romantically linked with Swift and Healy is much more interesting to the general public than Alwyn.

Matt Healy taking the high road in response to new Taylor Swift songs

Healy at least has taken the high road in reaction to the songs that do seem related to him. In April, Healy was slowed by an apparent Entertainment Weekly reporter in Los Angeles and asked how he felt about the "diss" track Swift may or may not have dropped about him. (There was no mention of the title of the song when the "reporter" spoke his words toward Healy.)

Healy said he had not heard whatever song they were referring to but that he was "sure it's good." Good and solid answer as Healy kept walking. What is he supposed to do? Stop completely whatever he was planning on doing and give an expose on a song he had seemingly never heard.

According to a US Weekly post, an "insider" (for whatever that is worth) told the rag that Healy was "uncomfortable" with the attention he is getting from the few Taylor Swift songs that are about him. Wouldn't we all? The most popular entertainer on earth creates some art that is critical of you. No one would want that, we should assume (though maybe there are many who would want that).

To be fair to both Swift and Healy, they both create music that their fans feel is introspective. They understand how the game works. That Healy is not playing it so much with Swift's songs is fine and Swift is likely fine with his non-response as well.

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