Ed Sheeran drops some massive news and then disappoints

Sheeran has new music ready to go but there is a catch.
Kevin Winter/GettyImages

You know you love Ed Sheeran and want new music from him, right? Well, good news! He is working on new songs, seemingly has recorded a few, and has them ready to go. But you just need to be patient, dear reader. The new songs are not going to be heard for some time, except by his daughters.

In an exclusive conversation with People, Sheeran wanted to let his fans know that he was still working away in his music workshop hammering away at new greatness to unleash on the world. But he wants people to wait until he gets things correct. Why release three or four tunes when 12 good ones would be better?

This appears to be a sign that Sheeran isn't all about the money. He is about quality. Maybe a person does not have to like his music, but there are millions who do. He understands that just putting out music consistently is not good enough. The new tracks need to be songs he feels are good enough for people to hear. Some performers would just throw out music, take the money and run. Sheeran likely has enough money and just wants to be good.

Ed Sheeran is going to hurry up and wait

The issue is that fans always want new stuff. There is zero wrong with that as well. We live in a world where we can find instant gratification while also losing interest in a subject quickly. If you need an answer to something just type into Google and there it is! Love a musical artist but it's been a year since they put something out? They are dead to us and time to move on.

That last part should not be true, of course, but oftentimes is. Instead of waiting for quality, we react and scoop up the next (temporary) thing. Sheeran seems to want to last for a long time and that should equate to excellence over a long period of time instead of a three-year run.

Ed Sheeran told People, "...nothing's going to come out this year...I've made the new music and I'm just going to sit on it for a bit." Whenever he releases new music, at least we know he took his time to make sure the songs were right.

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