3 can't miss metal tours you need to catch this summer

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Summer is a time for going to the beach, sipping on mint julips, basking in the sun, and playing with friends. That is, of course, if you aren’t a metalhead. If you are one of the chosen people (i.e. one who loves metal), we are about to embark on a great time of year: Concert season!

Whether you are inside or outside, there is a mosh pit with your name on it. Or maybe (like me) you are one of those people who just stand in the back with your arms crossed looking judgingly on others. Here’s the thing, though. Persons like me are standing and judging; We are taking everything in, especially the music and how the crowd reacts to it.

Luckily, there are a great number of bands on tour currently and through the summer. After COVID shut everything down, bands wanted to get back out. And have they! Here are the three must-see tours this summer.

Can't-miss tour No. 1: Mastodon-Gojira-Lorna Shore

Let me write those names one more time. Mastodon. Gojira. Lorna Shore. Any and all of those bands are worth seeing on their own, but together? How could you miss it.

Plus, for the most part, the tickets are not overly expensive, relatively speaking. You could probably see three of these shows for the price of one Aerosmith show. While some bands don’t care that their fans have to go in the red to see one of their favorite bands (that means you, Steven Tyler and pals), Mastodon, Gojira, and Lorna Shore appear to understand most of their fans aren’t millionaires.

Each of these bands has a different sound as well, which makes watching all three even better. Lorna Shore is just loud death metal, Mastodon can do a bit of everything but the way they light their shows is just incredible, and Gojira is more prog metal. If you are near a city where these bands are touring, get ready to save up for your ticket and you will not be disappointed.