Daily music news: Taylor Swift defends fan, Eurovision gets a winner

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Let me start with this question: Do you have an idea of how long Eurovision has been around? It's likely longer than many of the people you know have been alive. In fact, past winners include ABBA and Celine Dion. And no, I am not making that up.

The first Eurovision winner was in 1956. Two people have won the contest twice and Sweden has won a total of seven times. One of the people that have won twice won the contest this year. That artist is Loreen (from Sweden, of course!) who won for the song "Tattoo."

Loreen also won the contest in 2012 with a song called, "High To Hell." OK, I made that up. She actually won for a song called "Euphoria." This all means the contest next year will be held in Sweden so get your plane tickets ready.

Taylor Swift says step back

In a show in Philadelphia on Saturday, Taylor Swift took umbrage with a security guard who was trying to control a fan. TSwift took a second out during the song "Bad Blood" to tell the guard to back off a bit and that the fan wasn't doing anything. Here's what happened.

Friction between artists and security guards seems to be a bit on the rise for some reason lately. I was at a Megadeth show in Nashville last year where Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine actually told a security guard to chill and mentioned having the guard removed from the show. Of course, there are some things to note about this trend.

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First, security guards are at concerts for a reason, of course, and that is to protect the artist. Fans, though, are there to see the artist and the artist would have no money if it were for their fans, so it gets complicated. Still, that an artist takes a moment out of the concert to help one of their fans does let everyone know who is truly in charge, but it also lets the fans know the artist has their backs too.