Morrissey finally regains control of what is rightfully his

Morrissey's finished 14th album has not yet been released.
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Morrissey versus the record company has been a motif of the performer's music since he began making music with the Smiths in the early 1980s. But Morrissey has not just ranted about how the music industry treats its talent; he has lived through it. While it is debatable if Morrissey's attitude toward record company execs makes them not want to work well with him, that still wouldn't make not releasing his albums correct.

Such has been the case with Capitol Records over a number of years. In 2021, the singer completed his most recent album, Bonfire of Teenagers. Two years later the record was finally going to see the light of day but something obviously happened between Morrissey and Capitol and the record was not released. Morrissey then announced he had "voluntarily withdrawn" from any association with the record label and the album has simply been collecting dust.

There is good news, however, for all Moz fans. He announced on his website, Morrissey Central, that he has "paid the exit fee" for both Bonfire of Teenagers and 2014's World Peace is None of Your Business which means he controls how the records will be released in the future. This should mean that fans will actually get to hear Bonfire of Teenagers soon, though anything Morrissey-related might come with a catch.

Morrissey buys back rights to two albums, one of which has not yet been released

The record reportedly has a number of notable guest musicians on different tracks as well. The list includes Flea and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, plus Iggy Pop. Miley Cyrus recorded background vocals for the track, "I Am Veronica," but then for some reason begged that the vocals be removed.

Cyrus did record the vocals in 2020, and politics have changed since, of course. She might see Morrissey's perceived conservative views, especially in terms of his native England and its immigration policies, as something she does not want to be associated with, though this is only a guess.

Either way, Morrissey fans should get a new album out sometime soon. Bonfire of Teenagers has been fully completed. The only thing left is for the performer to find a release partner.

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