Music headlines: Taylor Swift, Ronnie Radke, and Paul Rudd (seriously!)

In music news for your Tuesday, Taylor Swift breaks a record and Ronnie Radke breaks a crowd.
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How can Ronnie Radke, Taylor Swift, and Paul Rudd all be in music news together? (It's weird, I know.) Here's how.

Let's start with T Swift. Taylor Swift needs to just stop it. She's almost too great and setting herself a bar so high that she can never replicate it. Only then she goes one better and sets a higher bar.

This week Swift became the first female artist to have four albums in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. Swift's latest rerecording of one of her earlier albums, Speak Now (Taylor's Version), debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart this week. This is Swift's 12th chart-topping album (which is 12 more than I will ever have, mind you). The album joins other Swift records Midnights (5th), Love (7th), and Folklore (10th) inside the top 10.

We should all be Taylor Swift for just one day to see how it feels. But then that would take away the real Taylor and she seems pretty cool.

Taylor Swift, Ronnie Radke, and Paul Rudd are in your music news for Tuesday

Ronnie Radke isn't nearly as cool as Taylor Swift, however. OK, maybe he is to his fans, but even his fans must admit he's had some past issues. This past Friday while performing with his band Falling In Reverse in Las Vegas, Radke decided to get upset about the crowd's reaction to his band at Rock Fest in Cadot, WI. Radke tweeted out a whole bunch of silly things including saying the people who paid tickets to see the festival were "lame," and that they "sucked," and then he argued with people on Twitter about his views on the crowd.

Radke also tweeted this nugget:

Here's the thing, though, that Radke doesn't seem to understand. People pay to see rock shows and therefore they have a right to speak their views. Radke wouldn't have a job in rock if crowds didn't turn up. Maybe he should watch KISS in concert a bit more. KISS understands that it's good to be appreciative of an audience because the audience pays the band's bills. Radke probably just owed the festival crowd a better show.

Paul Rudd did what?

Finally, and more happily, I will leave you with some Paul Rudd music-related news. Really! Plus, Paul Rudd must be among the nicest people in the world.

Rudd was at guessed it, a Taylor Swift concert, when he ran into a fellow fan named Claud. Claud is a singer-songwriter who had written a song called "Paul Rudd" prior to meeting the actor. Claud told Rudd they had written the song and Rudd gave Claud his email address and said to send him the song. But it didn't stop there.

After listening to what Claud sent him, Rudd told Claud he really liked the music. Claud, on a lark, mentioned they were filming a video for a song called "A Good Thing" and told Rudd if he want to come back to feel free. One thing led to another and Rudd ended up being a "bumbling mailman" in the video. Just kind of goes to show you that celebrities are real people too and many of them are just like the rest of us.

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