Music News: Bad Bunny, Robert Cray and Jimmy Buffett

  • New Bad Bunny!
  • And new Jimmy Buffett too!
  • Robert Cray doesn't practice...sort of
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Bad Bunny doesn't like to take any time off. He's released an album a year since what feels like at least 1929, but the thing is that none of his albums are bad. They are all well-thought, well-constructed, well-written, and well-produced pieces of excellence.

We were not completely sure, however, whether the Puerto Rican superstar would release a new full-length record in 2023 or not. He told Rolling Stone magazine in early 2023 that he wasn't sure if he might simply take some time off. Instead, this past Monday, Bad Bunny said he would release a new album and a few days later, he did.

And he didn't just put out an eight-song sampler but a 22-track opus called Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana that includes the stunning "Un Preview" and fantastic "Monaco." Bad Bunny also name-drops Lionel Messi and appears to do several shoutouts to his current girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. So, if you are a Bad Bunny fan, this is simply another must-have record.

Bad Bunny and Jimmy Buffett have new music but not together (of course)

Or if you are a Jimmy Buffett fan, you also have the gift of new music. The late artist, who passed away in September, has a new album coming out on November 3 called Equal Strain on All Parts. But ahead of that, two new singles are available. One is a Bob Dylan cover called, "Mozambique." while the other has a New Orleans feel titled, "University of Bourbon Street."

Buffett never wanted to be mistaken for an artist like James Maynard Keenan who takes his art extremely seriously, but Jimmy Buffett instead wanted everyone to just have a good time. If you like his music, you will probably like the new songs. That's probably all he would have ever wanted.

Robert Cray doesn't like to overdo it, thankfully

Robert Cray is a phenomenal blues guitarist who has plied his trade for decades. But he doesn't want his guitar solos to be overdone. Per an interview with Guitar World, Cray approaches his solos in the same way a great jazz artist might. That is to not prepare too much but to simply let the moment take one away.

Per Cray, "I'm in the moment when soloing. Practicing a solo ahead of time puts you in a position of being unable to reach it later. I don't subscribe to that theory or that way of doing a solo. My solos have got to come straight out of me at the moment I'm doing them." In another word, perfect.

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