Three top songs which punk rock helped make possible 

Punk rock was changing quickly when it burst onto the music scene. It helped encourage lots of new bands to share their music. Here’s three top examples of songs which came out after punk had arrived.

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Having previously looked at three of the best punk rock songs, it's fun to consider three more top songs from just beyond that punk period. These weren't from punk rock bands, but that movement made space for them to emerge around 1977-1978 as punk peaked. Once again, people will have their own personal views, but these songs bring back some great memories of the time. 

It’s hard to label the bands and songs that were coming through. They weren't raw punk. Nor had what became new wave music through the likes of The Cure or Joy Division fully kicked in at that time. Was this power pop or early new wave maybe? 

Definitions and categories were blurred, partly from memory and partly because it wasn’t really clear at the time.  It was just brilliant new music being released. There were so many variations around and they don’t all fit neatly together as a timeline of eras. 

Punk rock evolved allowing new bands to emerge 

Perhaps bands at this time were trying to shake off the punk tag. Some punk bands redefined and evolved. They weren't as in your face or aggressive as the original punks. Many other bands brought much wider musicality to their songs to help them stand out.

With radio airplay still a huge factor in getting a hit, a shift to a slightly more mainstream sound, while retaining an edginess could make a significant difference. Looking back at the period now many of the bands found and used a pathway from punk which had wider public receptiveness. That in turn led towards another new wave and then on to indie.