Music News: Billie Eilish, Bring Me the Horizon, Lil Nas X and Code Orange

  • Eilish teams with BMTH?
  • Lil Nas X's new video
  • Code Orange forced to cancel gigs
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At its most rock and roll, rock music is not afraid to ruffle some feathers. The music isn't meant to be some laid-back form of music such as the Eagles make. While the Eagles tried to be edgy with "Hotel California," musical artists such as Lil Nas X are making videos like "J Christ." (More on that in just a minute.)

As human beings, we are intelligent and talented enough to create art forms such as jazz but base enough to get minimalist when needed with country songs. One might be a higher form than the other, possibly. But when we truly want to get cathartic, we need to be able to get the Led (Zeppelin) out.

In some news for Sunday, however, one band, unfortunately, has had to stop playing music for a bit. Two other musical artists might be collaborating. But Lil Nas X steals the show.

Lil Nas X drops "J Christ" video

If you only know Lil Nas X from his more shocking moments then you are likely missing out on what a fantastic artist he really is. Forget the videos and records, watch him live. He knows how to perform and he does so well.

That said, his new video "J Christ" will upset some and he does not care. He hangs on a cross and wears a crown of golden thorns, and he dances around with small crosses nearby. If you had the sound turned down and didn't know what the music sounded like, you might think a black metal tune was playing. Instead, it is another excellent Lil Nas X song that will have you dancing along with it.

One site suggests a Billie Eilish and Bring Me the Horizon collaboration

According to the Pit, there is a rumor going around that Eilish and BMTH might be hooking up on a song. The reason this rumor exists is that during a Bring Me the Horizon concert in Cardiff, they played a snippet of a song called "Limousine." Now we have to take a big leap in assumption.

Eilish recently won a Golden Globe for her track, "What Was I Made For?," off of the Barbie soundtrack and she posted a photo of herself with the award on Instagram. Oli Sykes from BMTH commented on the post twice with one of the posts saying, "Limousine." So it's a leap to think Eilish and Bring Me the Horizon are collaborating on a song, but not a leap to assume Oli Sykes is a fan of Billie Eilish.

Code Orange cancels tour due to health reasons

The last bit of news is a bit sad. Code Orange guitarist Dominic Landolina is suffering from an unnamed, but "serious," health issue that will not allow him to play his instrument with the band. Instead of getting a fill-in guitarist, the band is simply doing the classy thing and canceling their upcoming gigs.

The band released the update about Landolina's illness and the cancellation of the shows in an Instagram post. The post said in part, "Our guitarist Dom has been dealing with serious health issues over the past year that have led to his inability to play, perform and live comfortably. While he gritted through our fall performances, his issues were exasperated by them."

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