Taylor Swift targeted in a cheeky plea for cash

Taylor Swift asked to follow in Hollywood stars footsteps.
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After seeing Hollywood celebrities buying into UK soccer clubs, the hunt is on for more superstar investments. Perhaps unsurprisingly, with her own sporting connections, Taylor Swift gets included in the search too. Swift is of course often seen at Kansas City Chiefs matches watching boyfriend and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce

The story starts with the Hollywood star's connection to Wrexham AFC, a Welsh soccer club. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the club in 2020. You may have seen the story played out on the TV documentary series Welcome to Wrexham launched on FX in 2022. The club is currently soaring up the league structure and heading for the top, encouraging for the Hollywood pair and other stars to think of doing likewise.

Elsewhere NFL star Tom Brady has bought into Birmingham City, another UK soccer club. That one isn’t going so well at the moment though, but hey, it's a long-term plan so that blip won't deter other stars or clubs seeking investment. Of which there are many.

The cash plea to Taylor Swift

One such soccer club, Motherwell FC based in Scotland, has taken a novel approach. It's not up for sale or seeking a star takeover, but the club is keen to attract new members to invest in its fan-owned structure. Several of the team players and fans have made a plea via video to worldwide music star Swift and other stars to help their cause.

They’ve based this on seeing all those superstar investors elsewhere. The video and appeal are very tongue-in-cheek in approach and calling out of A-listers. And that’s where Taylor Swift comes directly into play. Swift gets her call out right at the end of the 35-second video, though viewers unfamiliar with a Scots accent may need some help. The last scene is of a fan plea ‘Taylor Swift, gies some dosh!’ (Give us some money).

A disclaimer in a statement by the club as shared by STV News alongside the video adds to the gentle humour and makes their stance clear as this extract shows: "Obviously a Hollywood A-lister with white teeth and big pockets would be great, but we welcome anyone who just wants to support, sponsor or invest in a proper football club that supports the local community."

The club isn't seriously trying to attract Swift or Hollywood stars, though they wouldn't say no. To be honest, if you know anything about Motherwell as a town that won’t come as a huge shock. It’s unlikely we'll see Swift in a Motherwell scarf huddled up at halftime, with a cup of soup and a meat pie to keep warm. But then no one expected to see Ryan Reynolds or Rob McElhenney in the Wrexham crowd either!

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