Music News: Danny DeVito is big buds with Mike Patton and the Always Sunny podcast

One can never guess at which two people might end up being good friends.
Mark Mainz/GettyImages

Who would have guessed that Mike Patton, frontman for the iconic Faith No More as well as a part of Mr. Bungle, Fantomas and Peeping Tom, and living legend Danny DeVito would be good friends? But they aren't just new friends, they've been buds for nearly two decades now. Danny DeVito can even be seen in the wings at some shows Mike Patton is playing with one of his bands.

DeVito and Patton met because of DeVito's children in 2005. DeVito's kids were going to Coachella and told their dad he should go and check out this band called Fantomas. DeVito was blown away by the music on the ride to the musical festival and ended up meeting Patton.

DeVito has even mentioned trying to have Mike Patton on the show DeVito does with Rob McElhenney, Glen Howerton, and Charlie Day, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That hasn't happened (though Howerton has said they just don't have the right role for Patton yet), but Patton did perform with Peeping Tom at the season two premiere for Sunny.

Danny DeVito and Mike Patton being good friends is just really cool

Just a reminder, Sunny has now completed 15 seasons. Season two came out in 2006. Just a reminder of how long Patton and DeVito have been friends.

DeVito also appeared, at Patton's request, in Peeping Tom's video for their song, "Mojo." DeVito does DeVito stuff in the video. The song is fine, and DeVito only has a small part in the video, but it's still worth a watch.

Getting back to Sunny, though, what happened with their podcast? The last one they aired was in mid-July. I get that people can get busy, but the general public also turns to something new really quickly if something they were bought into hasn't made recent episodes. DeVito has only been on one episode of The Always Sunny podcast (but it's a great episode), but his mates will hopefully get back to making new episodes soon because it's such a great podcast.

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