Taylor Swift seems to confirm dating Chiefs' Travis Kelce without saying a word

Swifties went insane when they saw Taylor watching Travis play on Sunday.
Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? They seem to be a couple. Either that or they are really good at playing a game on the general public.

Rumors of Swift and Kelce dating started a couple of weeks ago. Travis Kelce's brother, Jason, seemed to confirm the reports were true last week when he basically said Taylor and Travis were a real thing. But Jason also said he doesn't meddle in his brother's personal affairs too much.

But on Sunday when the Chicago Bears visited the Chiefs in Kansas City. there was Taylor Swift standing and sitting next to Travis' mom in the Kelce family box at Arrowhead Stadium. And she was actively reacting to what was going on between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Bears. Which was good for Swift because the Chiefs absolutely demolished the Bears 41-10.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Yep, they are a thing.

And Travis Kelce had a pretty decent game. He had 7 catches for 69 yards and a touchdown. Heck, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was even asked about Swift being at the game.

The cool thing is that at least Taylor Swift appears to know what she is watching instead of just showing up and mindlessly cheering for the person she appears to be dating. I saw Swift at a hockey game a few years ago and I can honestly attest that she understood that game, too.

Still, one has to wonder how much of a distraction it will be for Travis Kelce to be dating the most famous entertainer in the world currently. Likely he has been in the National Football League long enough to know how to distance his personal life from what happens on the field.

If someone wants to ask Travis about this, they might have to wait. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift appeared to be leaving the locker room together after the game and heading to wherever famous people go. Let's just hope they had a good time no matter what they were doing.

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