Music news: Doja Cat, Yungblud, and Taylor Swift will return

Taylor Swift will be coming back to North America for tour dates in 2024, Doja Cat lends some songs, and Yungblud meets his younger self.

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Taylor's returning! Yungblud says hi to his younger self! Doja Cat does Doja Cat things! Plus, it's Friday!

Let's start with Yungblud. He's a bit of everything to some, nothing to some, a little bit to everyone that's heard of him. He's a musical chameleon, though this might hold him back a little without him meaning to be held back. The issue is he is good at lots of things but not great at anything, though he could be.

But the new video for a song he released in June, "Lowlife," sure is fun to watch. He pantomimes while hanging around with a younger version of himself. The point of the video, according to Yungblud, is to meet the younger version of him and to be a guide to his young self and let him know that life is partly meant to be fun even when there seems to be a lot of absurdnesses around.

Taylor Swift? Yungblud? Doja Cat? There's news for all!

A warning: You might find the lyrics "I don't care what the people say" when meshed with the music oddly irritating as it all sounds so similar to something else that you just can't put your finger on. And the song is an earworm that will stick with you for days.

As far as the Doja Cat part of this goes, she will be involved in Victoria's Secret's The Tour '23 which will hit Amazon Prime on September 26th. The event will be a part-documentary and part-fashion show and feature at least two Doja Cat songs, likely previously released in 2023 by the airing of the "event."

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Of course, Victoria's Secret sells lingerie, while Doja Cat sells hit songs. If you like both, you might as well tune in.

Taylor's return: 2024

Finally, Taylor Swift is not done with concerts in North America, Swifties! Per X (or whatever it is called), Swift said she will be returning in 2024 to at least four cities. The cities we know of, per her post, are Miami, Florida (October 18th through the 20th), New Orleans, Louisiana (October 25th through the 27th), Indianapolis, Indiana (November 1st through the 3rd), and Toronto, Ontario (starting on November 14th and ending on the 23rd with six shows in between).

Plus, how massive of a musical artist does one have to be to have the leader of a country respond with some excitement? Now, that's real power.

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