Music news: Ed Sheeran, Kamala Harris, and Olivia Rodrigo

In music news for Monday, one artist cancels a gig, one talks new music, and the VP of the U.S. says hip-hop is special.
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Ed Sheeran seems like a decent dude who cares about his fans and tries to give them their money's worth at concerts. This is why what he did before a recent gig is so confusing. And fans were rightfully upset at the English pop star.

The issue wasn't that Sheeran canceled the concert in Las Vegas on Saturday at all, but the problem was he waited until just a few hours before the show was supposed to start. Meanwhile, many fans were standing outside in 90 degree temperatures waiting for the doors open to go inside. Maybe Sheeran could have just gone outside, told the fans himself the gig was postponed, and played a couple of songs on an acoustic guitar?

Of course, he can't really do that for security reasons. The reason the show was postponed is because reportedly the stage he would have played on wasn't safe, either. If you were one of the fans who showed up, the gig was rescheduled for October 28. At least it should be cooler when you are standing outside waiting for the doors to open.

Ed Sheeran, Olivia Rodrigo, and Kamala Harris are in music news on Monday

Olivia Rodrigo's second album, Guts, was released on September 8. By all accounts the 12-track album is excellent. But it appears that Rodrigo had as many as 25 songs that she recorded to choose from to have on the album. She recently told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 that she had recorded around 25 songs for the record.

Rodrigo also said many of the tracks could be released in some form later. Maybe they appear on a deluxe album? Or maybe an album unto themselves? Either way, Olivia Rodrigo fans have to be excited about this news.

Kamala Harris praises hip-hop

The Vice President of the United States clearly loves hip-hop. She recently hosted a concert of who's-who at her Washington, D.C. residence honoring the 50th anniversary of the musical form. More than that, Harris said on stage that hip-hop is "the ultimate American art form."

Among the performers who arrived to speak their truth at the concert were Lil Wayne, Slick Rick, Common, and Jeezy. Thank goodness Kamala Harris is the VP of the U.S. One might wonder who would appear had former VP Mike Pence thrown a concert of his own at the VP residence.

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