Music News: Full album release schedule for July

All you need to know for July.
Ani DiFranco Performs At Stern Grove Festival Concert
Ani DiFranco Performs At Stern Grove Festival Concert / Steve Jennings/GettyImages

To say there are no big album releases in July does a disservice to the great musical artists actually putting out albums during the month. Just because there isn't a new Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish album coming out doesn't make the month unworthy. Quite the opposite.

If someone really loves music, this is a fantastic month. Screw what the record companies want to push on you. This is the grimy month that true music lovers find beauty.

And there is a bit of everything. Deep Purple? Check! Ice Spice? Check as well. Here is what you need to know and when you need to know it.

Full album release schedule for July

July 5

Fink - Beauty In Your Wake
Kasabian - Happenings
Kiasmos - II
Kokoko! - BUTU
Melissa Etheridge - I'm Not Broken: Live From Topeka Correctional Facility

Week one of July is pretty much a microcosm of the month as a whole. There are some good releases but only for those who 1) love a specific musical artist, or 2) just love music. Kasabian's new album might be a bit of early Smashing Pumpkins: Quiet verses and bombastic choruses. Brilliant.

July 12

Ani DiFranco - Unprecedented Sh!t
Brijean - Macro
Cassandra Jenkins - My Light, My Destroyer
Chris Cohen - Paint A Room
Cigarettes After Sex - X's
Clairo - Charm
Common & Pete Rock - The Auditorium, Vol. 1
Donovan Woods - Things Were Never Good If They’re Not Good Now
Dr. John - Frankie & Johnny
Future Utopia - Django’s High
Joe Goddard - Harmonics
Johnny Blue Skies - Passage Du Desir
Phish - Evolve
Remi Wolf - Big Ideas
Thom Yorke - Confidenza: Music From the Film By Daniele Luchetti

This could be the most versatile week of the month. Plus, do you remember when Ani DiFranco used to be the shhhh...I mean, the queen of alt in the 1990s? She's still great. So is Dr. John, and Thom Yorke is always worth a listen.

July 19

Deep Purple - =1
Denzel Curry - King of the Mischievous South Vol. 2
Dr. Dog - Dr. Dog
Glass Animals - I Love You So F***ing Much
GUM/Ambrose Kenny-Smith - III Times
Jimin - Muse
Los Campesinos! - All Hell

Someone should dare another person to buy every album released this week and then play each new record in order. Not that it won't be worth the listener's time because most of these albums should be amazing. But Deep Purple, Dr. Dog, and Jimin all in the same week? Seriously...

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July 26

Alex Izenberg & The Exiles - Alex Izenberg & The Exiles
Blur - Live at Wembley Stadium
Crack Cloud - Red Mile
Cults - To the Ghosts
Empire of the Sun - Ask That God
Humanist - On The Edge Of A Lost And Lonely World
Ice Spice - Y2K
Porter Robinson - SMILE! :D
Rakim - G.O.D.’s Network (Reb7rth)
Various artists - Stop Making Sense: Everyone's Getting Involved - A Tribute Album

We assume there is a tongue-in-cheek reason for Ice Spice to name their album what it is, but we don't know what that reason might be (and we at Audio Phix are too lazy to look it up). Blur's record is going to be awesome. Rakim's too. The Talking Head's tribute LP might steal the month, though.

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