Music News: Jack Antonoff talks Taylor Swift, and the Libertines return

  • Antonoff talks about a special moment with Taylor Swift
  • The Libertines have a new single and a release date for a new album
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Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift had a moment. But nothing weird or romantic as you might think. Instead, what happened was Taylor Swift had her iPhone nearly accidentally on while Antonoff and Taylor were collaborating on what would become the song, "Getaway Car," when the magic happened.

In an interview with Willie Geist on NBC News' Sunday TODAY program which airs on, well...Sunday, Antonoff says he believes what made the now-viral moment so memorable for people was the genuineness of it all. Taylor Swift and Antonoff were not trying to create a non-organic moment of a song coming together. Swift and Antonoff just fell into sync and came up with one of Swift's best bridges of any of her songs.

You might even know the lyrics: "I’m in a getaway car/I left you in a motel bar/Put the money in a bag and I stole the keys/That was the last time you ever saw me." Heck, I'm going to assume you do, because it's Swift, right? I am sure Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce sings them to himself while he's shaving. Or maybe Swift sings them to him while he's shaving; I don't pry.

Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff worked beautifully together while the Libertines have new work

Antonoff has worked with lots of different artist and just seems to have a knack for how to collaborate without being overbearing. Many of the musical artists he has worked with are female artists as well, and however he is helping them its working. Besides Taylor Swift, Antonoff has collaborated with Lorde, St. Vincent, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey and many others.

Perhaps Antonoff's secret is he just lets the artist figure out bits for themselves and he just augments what the artist needs. Basically, he does what every producer should do and not get in the way of the artist creating their art.

On non-Taylor Swift-related news (if that is a real thing), the Libertines are back! The band announced they will release their first album since 2015's Anthems for Doomed Youth. The new record, called All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade, will come out on March 8, 2024. The tracklisting is currently set for 11 songs.

The title of the album is an homage to where Pete Doherty and friends record their albums at Albion Rooms studios plus an Erich Maria Remargue novel. The first track from the new record has already been released and is called "Run Run Run." It's catchy and fun and breezy and hopefully, the rest of the album sounds as good.

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