Music News: Kanye West drops new song if you care and Thomas Chibade sadly passes

Music news for Wednesday surrounds one musical artist who speaks hate and another who spoke love.
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Kanye West is quite a divisive figure. He appears to have backed Donald Trump but after a White House dinner with the then-President, even Trump called West "troubled." West has also been known to spew antisemitic stupidity from time to time as well. And he hasn't produced any new music since he went on his antisemitic rant. Until now, that is.

This past weekend, a Chicago radio station, Power 92, debuted a new Kanye West tune called "Vultures." The song is everything you expect from current Kanye. Meaning, the words address his antisemitic remarks but in a stupid way, and he also fires a missile at former manager, Scooter Braun. I will not put up a link to the song here, as the language is a bit too colorful, but you can find it on the social media accounts for Complex.

The track also features Ty Dolla Sign and Lil Durk who must have had nothing better to do and must desperately want to put their name out into the general public for financial game. Forget all about any type of art with West anymore. His life and music are all about drama and that kind of thing gets really boring.

Kanye West drops new single and Thomas Chibade sadly passes away

Perhaps early in his career, he wanted to be a hip-hop star and then realized he did not. The only way out was to blow up his world. If that is indeed true (and most likely, it isn't) then he is doing a perfect job of it.

In even sadder news, Malawian music star Thomas Chibade passed away this week at a hospital in the Malawi capital of Lilongwe. He was 37. There is no clear indication of how he passed, but according to local media reports, his death was due to a case of malaria.

Chibade's music was upbeat fun and a mix of reggae elements and Afro-pop. The music is great for any party and impossible to not find some enjoyment from. Chibade's music can be found on all streaming outlets.

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