New single guaranteed to leave you hungry for David Gilmour's September 2024 album

It's been a long gap since Rattle And Lock. Based on his new single, will it be worth the wait to hear Gilmour's new album?
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Pink Floyd fans gather around. Unless you are a huge Roger Waters supporter and don’t want to hear about David Gilmour and his new music. Gilmour has just confirmed speculation about a new album. He’s also now released a single from it. 

Let’s start with the new album. Titled Luck And Strange it’ll be released on September 6, 2024. Curiously or coincidentally that’s Waters’ 81st birthday, but I doubt he’ll be getting a song on it. Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson released pictures of the Pink Floyd guitarist in his studio late last year. Those indicated that the musicians for his new album would likely feature many of his usual partners. 

We should expect to have bassist Guy Pratt, also a member of Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets band. Then drummer Adam Betts, Brian Eno’s brother, pianist Roger Eno, Goldie, and producer Charlie Andrew all joining the party. It’s quite some gap since Gilmour’s last album Rattle And Lock came out in September 2015. Luck And Strange will close off that long nine-year wait. 

David Gilmour's new single tease new album will be brilliant

Those who can’t wait for a few more months until it’s released can turn to his new single “The Piper's Call”. It had its worldwide premiere on BBC Radio 2 in the UK on Thursday morning. The song is now available on the usual streaming platforms. Fans may also want to see the new video for the single. That was released to everyone a day later, on Friday, April, 25

Has Gilmour though just gone through the motions to release a bland song, or is this single and album going to be worth paying attention to? I still remember the disappointment with Waters Redux version of Dark Side Of The Moon which came out six months ago. 

The first minute or so of Gilmour’s “The Piper's Call” did leave me apprehensive. It’s a bit slow and low-key.  That is all setting the scene and very soon you hear more Gilmour trademarks appear. As the chorus approaches and plays out, it’s a much fuller sound and a distinctive but brief Gilmour guitar solo breaks in. 

For those who wanted more guitar, they won’t be disappointed. A classic extended Gilmour solo follows on as the song builds to a peak. With lyrics by Samson and backing vocals including two of the couple's adult children Gabriel and Romany, it’s quite a family affair too.

Intriguingly for the album the song has quite a sudden but satisfying end. The abrupt halt, rather than a long guitar fade out, comes from producer Andrew who wanted to challenge Gilmour’s usual style and thinking. It’ll be interesting to see what else the album reveals. I can’t wait to hear it based on the single.

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