Three Of Montreal songs you absolutely must hear on Wednesday

Kevin Barnes' musical project is an overlooked and undervalued one.

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Of Montreal is, maybe ironically, from Athens, Georgia. The band isn't really a band at all, but a tool in which Kevin Barnes is able to release his immense musical creativity upon us. And we should all be happier that he does.

Of Montreal's first album Cherry Peel was released in 1997. Barnes and a cast of musicians have released 18 studio albums to date, each one in some way different from the rest. There is no real way to describe what Barnes does besides slapping words together and saying Of Montreal can be characterized as glam-techno-funk-soul-rock.

The three tracks that follow aren't meant to be a best-of. You should really check out Of Montreal, if you haven't already because the number of songs that are excellent is closer to triple-digits than just three. But if you want to have something fun to hear to begin your day (or end your day or whatever), here you go.

Three Of Montreal tracks to listen to right now

"The Past is a Grotesque Animal"

This epic of a song off of the unbelievably good Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? album is nearly 12 minutes long but feels 4 and you never want it to stop. The music is a bit denser and heavier for an Of Montreal track, but that mirrors the lyrics which are stream-of-consciousness and perfect. If you've ever broken up with someone, this song will reflect your inner rage and make you feel better for being human.

"Suffer for Fashion"

Another track off of Hissing Fauna..., "Suffer for Fashion" opens the LP. It's upbeat glam will make you want to shake your behind and gather friends around for Charlie Brown-type dancing. The music will propel you forward with your day and the track will be your earworm for the week. It's brilliantly peppy and is the start of the immense and brutal journey that is the entire album the song comes from.

"It's Different for Girls"

Like "Suffer for Fashion," this track from the Innocence Reaches record is going to want to make you dance. Not a dancer? Neither am I. But I can tap my foot to the best of them and this track helps.

The music feels somewhat ironic (as likely intended) but the lyrics are fairly straight-forward. Kevin Barnes addresses sexism. And yes, he finds is abhorrent.

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