3 songs about September that you should be listening to

As summer winds down (though it's still hot!), these tracks will help you welcome Autumn.

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Wherever you live, it's September. And wherever you are, there's hopefully some great music near you. And I have three suggestions for you to listen to that will augment your music lifestyle.

Maybe you've heard a couple of the tracks that follow. They are still great, and you don't even need to go elsewhere to hear them. I embedded the videos for you! (You are welcome.)

Plus, if you have suggestions yourself, just add them here! (Oh, wait...This isn't social media? Um...Gotcha. Well, see you on Facebook!)

Three songs that will make your September better

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" - Green Day

Green Day has several tracks revolving around the military, but this one is trickier. Only the video is really about a boyfriend enlisting in the army. The song, more sadly, is about Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong's father passing away from esophageal cancer when Armstrong was 10 years old.

So, yeah. Not a happy song at all, and even harsher than the video might imply. But somehow, although seemingly unfair to Armstrong's late father, the track rocks. Also, that the album the track is from, American Idiot, came out about 20 years seems insane.

"September Sun" - Type O Negative

Hey, it's almost October, right? Can never be too early to be haunted. This is exactly what this song is about, only the haunting happens in the daylight. I guess really to the track is really about dealing with one's own demons, but either way, it works.

The video is a pretty creepy too. A lady has a relationship end and she tries to kill herself. Thankfully, she is saved in the end. Maybe this song will be your death to summer tune, but the autumn won't save you.

"The September Of My Years" - Frank Sinatra

This song was never released as a single, but does any Frank Sinatra track really need to be to become a classic? No. This is classic Sinatra at 50 years old when he is leaving behind his youth and reflecting with melancholy on his past.

Does anyone do jazzy traditional pop as well as Sinatra? Nope. And this song will have you wishing summer wouldn't end, but basking in the beauty of the song nonetheless.

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