Original names of the Beach Boys and other iconic groups might surprise you

Find out who was called what when these top groups started out and why some of their names were changed.
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A quick decision and a horrendous tale lie behind these name changes

Pink Floyd

It's perhaps no surprise that this group went under a few names before settling on Pink Floyd, in what may have been a quickfire decision. One of the early names was Sigma 6, with Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and Roger Waters joining up with others. They went through a few name changes and lineups fairly quickly.

They performed as Meggadeaths, The Abdabs, Leonard's Lodgers, and the Spectrum Five. Another name they used, The Screaming Abdabs, was later used on bootleg recordings for Pink Floyd. A further name, Tea Set emerged when Syd Barrett joined the band. 

Barrett gets the credit for the final name changes. He made a quick change when another band called Tea Set appeared on the bill for a gig alongside them. He initially chose Pink Floyd Sound, later dropping Sound. Apparently, Barrett took inspiration from a couple of his favourite blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. So now we know more about which one’s Pink.

Maroon 5

Starting as Kara’s Flowers while still at school in 1994, there was a break while the band members went through college. In 2001 they managed to secure a record deal and lead guitarist James Valentine joined the group. The name then became Maroon which developed into Maroon 5. 

There is a bit of a secret behind the name change. But it seems as if it's staying that way. Adam Levine has disclosed that it comes from a bad origin and has a horrendous story, best left a mystery. He’s also revealed that Billy Joel is the only band outsider who knows the background. 

Some fans reckoned it's related to Five Towns College, which has maroon as a college color and five in the name. That seems a very long shot, especially as the band didn't attend there. There's no obvious horrendous element either. We'll have to wait to see if more is ever revealed by the band or Joel. 

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