Pet Shop Boys celebrate new album release by trashing Taylor Swift

The '80s icons have a new album out that no Swiftie will buy now.
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Maybe Neil Tennant felt unloved for some reason. The vocalist for 1980s icons, the Pet Shop Boys, was speaking with the Guardian ahead of the band's latest album release and Tennant chose to make some rather insulting comments about Taylor Swift. Moreover, he compared the pop diva to Michael Jackson who Tennant praised in comparison.

Maybe Tennant forgot about the global issues the comparison could bring. For instance, Swift has not yet and likely never will be accused of assaulting someone. The comparison also makes Tennant look quite old. He is looking back on a time when Jackson was the biggest pop star on earth when the performer had a number of popular songs while implying Swift's songs are more forgettable.

Tennant's take sounded more like a "Get off my lawn!" moment than an accurate observation. (For full accuracy, Tennant is older than I am but I was still around in the 1980s when the Pet Shop Boy's popularity exploded.) His opinion just seems so dated and unneeded.

Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant likely hurts his band while insulting Taylor Swift

Can't Jackson and Swift both be popular and both have songs worth remembering? Jackson's accusations aside, there is little doubt he was so important in the early 1980s just as Taylor Swift is so important now.

If Tennant's goal was to draw attention to himself and the Pet Shop Boys so that more people would notice the duo's new record, Nonetheless, then he probably has accomplished that. Of course, that should not mean he turns many fans off by his off-putting remarks about Swift. Possibly Tennant hates his own new album and feels as if he insults the most powerful pop entertainer on earth currently then fewer people will listen to the new Pet Shop Boys record.

That makes as much sense as some of Tennant's comments. Those include nonsense such as, "Taylor Swift sort of fascinates me as a phenomenon because she’s so popular...but then when I listen to the records...for a phenomenon as big (as Swift), where are the famous songs? What’s Taylor Swift’s ‘Billie Jean’?”

I am sure Swifties could give Tennant lots of valid suggestions for Swift's version of "Billie Jean." Just because he doesn't like Swift does not mean millions of others don't either. Plus, there are likely more people who would disagree with Tennant's opinion of Swift than will buy the new Pet Shop Boys album.

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