Pete Davidson seems stuck in the middle of latest Ramones dispute

A new Netflix biopic is under fire currently.
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Two people not directly involved in playing in the Ramones have a long history of arguing with each other over some rights of the band. These people are Linda, Johnny Ramone's spouse, and Mickey Leigh, Joey Ramone's brother. Now Linda is suing Mickey over Mickey allegedly "covertly developing an unapproved and unauthorized Ramones-based biopic."

The biopic is being produced for Netflix and is starring and being co-written by comedian Pete Davidson. Netflix is not named in the lawsuit.

The movie is based on Mickey Leigh's (born Mitchel Hyman) book, I Slept with Joey Ramone. The issue Linda has with the movie is that she was not involved in the decision to make the film. She has a point, sort of. The biggest problem is that she and Mickey Leigh split the rights to the Ramones. Joey (born Jeffrey Ross Hyman) was the vocalist for the punk rock icons and passed away from cancer in 2001. Johnny (born John Williams Cummings) was the guitarist and died from cancer in 2004.

Ramones film is likely one fans want but Linda Ramone does not

The Ramones were not a real family, of course, and Joey and Johnny were not related. They also had a fractured relationship. This includes Linda dating Joey before she eventually married Johnny. As the band members themselves could not get along well in life that has transposed over to their heirs in death. When anything Ramones is made or even thought of, both Linda and Mickey Leigh want a piece of the action. Legally, they have that right.

The question becomes whether Linda has a legal say over Mickey Leigh being able to make a film based on a book he wrote. Linda feels that the film will be pro-Joey and anti-Johnny. The bigger issue might be the use of any Ramones songs in the film. While Mickey Leigh should be able to make a film based on a book he produced, Linda should be able to recoup any of the earnings of the movie because she holds a stake in the songs.

The likely outcome is that the movie will go and fans will be able to watch. There is no timetable for the release of the movie, however. Pete Davidson was probably very happy to be able to co-write the film, but he has to be asking himself what he has gotten himself involved in.

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