A Prince jukebox movie musical will be coming soon to a theater near you (maybe)

A film has been in the works since 2018.
Theo Wargo/GettyImages

Prince was, obviously, one of the most iconic musical artists in the history of humanity. He wrote his own songs, produced them, and played the instruments on most of them. He was much more than someone like Michael Jackson was. Jackson borrowed from other artists and those artists likely stole from the genius of Prince.

But Prince also had high hopes for how his songs and likeness would be used. He once told drummer Sheila E. that he never wanted to be used as a hologram, for instance, and yet some have ignored that request. Prince wanted purity associated with his art and he deserved that.

A film using Prince's songs has been in the works, reportedly, for years. But like with any movie project, having an idea does not mean that will ever bear fruit. Are Prince's songs worth using in a film? Of course. But using them correctly is another conversation.

Prince songs ready for movie use but project might be years away

The good thing is that according to the Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Coogler is now attached to a film project that will work as a jukebox movie musical of Prince's songs. A jukebox movie musical is a theater piece or film that uses an artist's original songs instead of new music. Think of something like the film Yesterday which used Beatles tracks to help tell the story.

Coogler is a fantastic artist in his own right and directed Black Panther, Creed, and Fruitvale Station. However, while there is reportedly a script for the film involving Prince songs, Coogler is not set to direct. As of now, he will serve as a producer only.

Currently, there are no actors attached to the project, nor is there a director or a title of the film. While the promise of the film project is exciting, the finished product might still be years away. Let's just hope if the movie does materialize, it is worthy of Prince's music.

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