Ranking Usher's first nine albums from worst to best

Ranking the albums of the one and only Usher.
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Usher has been extremely busy! He just completed a residency, and a new album just dropped, and a tour announcement. Booked and busy for 2024, and he's just getting started.

Usher has officially joined the ranks of several talented artists who were given the honor of performing at the Super Bowl halftime. What an accomplishment!

With the 30th anniversary of Usher's career on the horizon, it's fitting to rank every studio album that he has released from worst to best. Note: This list will not include the new project Coming Home.

Ranking Usher's first nine albums

No. 9 - A (Zaytoven Collab) (2018)

"Usher" and "a bad album" in the same sentence just feels...wrong. Unfortunately, that's the case here. The last time Usher decided to switch gears with genres, he gave fans an amazing album (we'll get to that album soon). This go-round he just didn't hit the same. Without a doubt Usher's worst project.

No. 8 - Hard II Love (2016)

So...there may be some heat with this one because this many fans loved this project. "A" for effort for Usher wanting to bring that Confessions feeling but it didn't quite resonate. "No Limit" is a dope song though.

No. 7 - Looking 4 Myself (2012)

Gotta hand it to Usher for his dedication towards stepping outside the R&B realm. Looking 4 Myself has elements of R&B, Electronic, and Dance. While it's not the "Usher sound" that fans are used to, it was still a solid album. "Lemme See" is a personal favorite.

No. 6 - Usher (1994)

Let's take it all the way back to album one. The beginning of what would be an incredible career for Usher. This is the album that started it all! The most important note is that Usher was only 15 when this album debuted. The project was fun, giving all the elements of 90s R&B. Of course some debut albums aren't stellar, however, Usher laid the foundation.

No. 5 - My Way (1997)

Getting this out the way now: I loved this album, however, four Usher albums knock this project out of the park. Usher conquered the "Sophmore Jinx" in an amazing fashion. Usher's sophomore album oozed sexiness, confidence, and grown-man ish!! This was perfect timing for someone who was in the last year of his teens. My Way was a turning point for Usher and made it clear that he was here to stay. Thanks to this project, fans will never forget how to spell Usher Raymond.

No. 4 - Here I Stand (2008)

How in the world do you manage to create a follow-up after releasing Confessions? Usher gladly accepted the challenge by releasing Here I Stand. Here I Stand was the yang to Confessions ying. One album was strictly about infidelity, the other was about love, commitment, and the personal growth of a man who had made many mistakes. This album told a beautiful story through song. Did it beat Confessions? No, but it came close.

No. 3 - 8701 (2001)

There are many albums where you can literally hear the growth and the maturity of an artist. 8701 is one of those albums. This album is a Millennium masterpiece. Been in love? Dealing with a breakup? Heartache?

This is the album that made Usher a star. The perfect blend of R&B with a sprinkle of Pop. If this album is number 1 on fans' list, it's definitely understandable. Many loved this album because it gave a glimpse into the relationship of Usher and Chili but that's a conversation for a different day.

No. 2 - Raymond vs. Raymond (2010)

Remember how it was mentioned earlier in this post that there was an album that showed a beautiful display of Usher stepping outside the box? Raymond vs. Raymond is that album. Usher took a bold risk by creating an album with heavy Dance, EMO, and Pop tones.

2008-2012 brought a huge wave of these genres of music and Usher made sure he wasn't left out of the loop. With "OMG", "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love", this album is easily Usher's second-best album. Not to mention that this is Usher's most star-studded featured album.

No. 1 - Confessions (2004)

Confessions is easily and without a doubt Usher's best album. My goodness! An album so good, fans were convinced it was about Usher's personal life (confirmed that it's based on Jermaine Dupri's infidelities).

This album has it all: Pop, Contemporary R&B, pure R&B, and more. This album takes you on a journey and it tells an amazing story. It literally puts you into the mind of the one who's doing the cheating. The album debut single "Yeah!" was Usher letting the world know that something immaculate was on the way. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Confessions is truly standing the test of time.

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