Richest musicians in the world ranked by net worth

Who is making and keeping the big bucks currently? The list keeps changing and bringing a few new names and some surprises.
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A world’s richest musicians list makes for an interesting read. The artists that will likely come immediately to your mind will be wealthy beyond your dreams. But that wealth isn’t always as impressive when compared to the many other billionaires around the world.

A calculated estimate suggests there are over 2,500 billionaires worldwide. You’d expect that would include plenty of musicians. In fact, several more billionaires are making their money from cheese than music! According to one source, there were only two musicians with a net worth of $1 billion or more in 2023. That's looking likely to change though in 2024 with a few more joining that exclusive list.

There are lots of wild claims flying around, all seemingly in the know, on what musicians and others are truly worth. It's not easy to get all the information needed to calculate someone's net worth. And then just when you think you might have all the data, something changes. A new contract or deal, a plummeting business, reputational damage and market values rising or falling are all factors.

Ranking musicians net worth above and below $1billion

So let's split this list into two parts. The first covering musicians with a net worth is believed to be under $1 billion. It'll be based on looser figures, from a variety of less forensic sources, but still a decent indication of their current ranking and wealth.

Then a second section with all the musicians worth $1B and above. Taken from the Forbes Billionaires list, it has a lot more thought, data, and clever calculation behind the figures.