Richest musicians in the world ranked by net worth

Who is making and keeping the big bucks currently? The list keeps changing and bringing a few new names and some surprises.
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Musicians with net worth above $1 billion 

Forbes published their Billionaires list in 2023 and included just two musicians. One was the late Jimmy Buffett, ranked at 2,540 with a $1B wealth. That will now be shared as his estate settles.  Forbes runs an online real-time view of their billionaires list showing the up-to-date position. That now reveals three musicians worth more than $1 billion today.

3 - Taylor Swift 

What an amazing couple of years she has had. Swift is estimated to be worth $1.1B and ranks at 2370. But she's heading far higher. Her The Era’s World Tour runs to late 2024. She’s also releasing a new album in April. Both should boost the coffers even further. 

2 - Rhianna

In second place among the rich musicians.  Rhianna has $1.4B to her name and now places at 2,146 on the list. It's no surprise that she has soared higher. The 2023 list was likely to be too early to take into account her halftime show at that year's Super Bowl. Reports suggest that boosted song sales by almost 400 percent and streaming her music by 140 percent. 

1 - Jay-Z

The US rapper was the highest-placed musician in the 2023 list.  He’s still top with a wealth of $2.5B ranking at 1,302. Jay-Z has some pretty savvy investments in Uber, streaming service Tidal, and champagne and cognac producers. He also has Roc Nation, his entertainment venture. Putting those high-end drinks to one side, it’d be interesting to see who buys the coffee from their loose change when he's out and about with superstar and high-earning wife Beyonce.

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